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Mar 7


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Witness Statements

Behavior Analysis Investigations (BAI) investigators have several years of investigative experience in the area of interviewing. Our ability to read others during the interview process is incredible. Our investigators are trained to see and hear information which most people dismiss due to the lack of training on listening and reading others based on 5 Channels of Communication (Facial Expression, Body language, Voice, Verbal Style and Statement Analysis). We can get the most accurate and most credible information our clients need to make decisions.


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Process Service

Behavior Analysis Investigations (BAI) investigators can handle all of your process serving needs. Our network of investigators have an extensive reach all over southern California to assist your legal department or firm in providing this service.

Intelligence Gathering

Behavior Analysis Investigations (BAI) investigators can handle your intelligence gathering for background checks or any form of background information you need. Our office has database research sites that can determine residence history, vehicle registrations, business information, relative information and several other subject specific inquires needed to get the information you need.

Asset Investigation

Behavior Analysis Investigations (BAI) has specific investigators assigned to this specific and intricate field of expertise. We have recovered several judgments and have investigators that are amazing at locating assets. Let us assist you in your recovery or for intelligence gathering prior to litigation.


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