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Fitness Bangkok | 5 Physiotherapy Clinic with Best Services in Bangkok

Mar 7

5 Physiotherapy Clinic with Best Services in Bangkok- fitnessbangkok


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Looking for a specialist who can really help you with your health conditions, especially when it comes to office syndromes, injuries, etc. can be a little bit challenging as what you are looking for is someone who can dig deep to the roots of issues and find suitable treatments. Here are top physiotherapy in Bangkok that you can check out as they have got great teams and services to take care of you.

Physio Bangkok

Physio Bangkok is a pain Management & rehabilitation clinic located in Sukhumvit 23 and just a few minutes walk from BTS Asok. They focus on helping their clients live well and pain free through a scientific approach to reduce muscle tension and pain in the first session as well as assess you with a detailed analysis and digging deep into the root causes and incorporate a unique blend of treatment principles that are non invasive, proven and treat the root cause, not just the symptoms. 

NEWTON EM Physiotherapy 

They are a team of professionals and professors doing an assessment of the whole body which is necessary and is a way that can lead to discovering a root cause of pain. Their experiences are a wide range from office syndrome cases, rehab or healing athletes in various sports by using an updated technique to treat patients in order to gain an optimal outcome. They have 4 branches in Bangkok so you can find your most convenient location to visit.


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Chirovedic is a Pain Relief & Wellness center with a holistic approach and natural solutions. Their services are tailored to the needs of each unique patient. The team  specializes in non-surgical orthopedics, pain management, and physical rehabilitation. Their services are Chiropractic Adjustments, Acupressure, Acupuncture for pain relief, Sport Massage (ART- Active Release Technique), Physical Therapy, Computerized Acupuncture (AcuGraph Therapy).

Form Physio and Rehab

Form Physio and Rehab offers a life free from painkillers so their solutions are totally without painkillers, injections and surgeries. A team of professionals to service you at their location (Asoke and Thonglor) or at home if needed. Apart from Physiotherapy, you can also find other services like chinese medicine, postpartum back pain or breastfeeding services for mothers out there who are struggling with pain too.

Behap Wellness

Behap Wellness uses specific techniques to help their patients who have been affected by injury, illness or disability manage pain and prevent symptoms  through exercise, manual therapy, education and advice. Their treatments include deep ultrasound, shockwave therapy and electrotherapy.


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