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Fitness Bangkok | 3 Fitness Mistakes Women Need To Change To Lose Weight, Get Lean & Strong

Mar 7

3 Fitness Mistakes Women Need To Change To Lose Weight – Fitness Bangkok


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The Fitness industry is seeing fast growth and a shift in the popularity of getting fit, strong and active. Which is good for everyone. A large increase in the number of active people wanting to work out. Equally we are seeing many who are still frustrated with the lack of results, even though they are training consistently and eating clean (for the most part). Those physique transformations just aren’t happening for many.

So let’s dig deeper into 3 fitness mistakes many women are making that need to change. Here we discuss 3 specific areas that you need to consider in achieving better weight loss, fat loss and body transformation goals.

1. Randomness –  Classes & Any Type of Training

Move more (eat less) – It’s not quite that simple. With the increasing trends of the fitness industry, subscription-based classes services and openings of new gyms on every street corner there is something for everyone. And our programmed consumer behavior ie: Shiny object syndrome leads us to think that more is better. That variation is better. Thinking “I get bored easily and I need variety to keep me motivated – “I want to try this class, “Ooooh, a new studio is opening, I need to try it” and “Wow, promotion, I’ll do that this month.”

Unfortunately, this ‘randomness’ leads to average and random results at best.

– Can it work? Maybe.

– Does it work? Sometimes, for some people, but rarely.

– Is it the most effective method? Unlikely.

Here is the key point. If you just want to stay active, burn some calories, move more and be healthy and you don’t have specific goals you want to achieve, then that’s cool. Keep doing what you enjoy and what motivates you.

However, IF you have specific goals and you want to achieve a specific body shape, lose body fat, perform better and the ‘random’ approach isn’t working for you….

Instead Do This:

Get structured with your Strength Training. Smart strength training is progressive. Progressive overload means your body is given a consistent and similar training stimulus that your body and nervous system can adapt too. Gradually increasing the training demand either through load, tempo, recovery, volume, intensity of contraction – over time – is what builds a strong, lean and athletic physique.

Find the BEST coach to help you program the smart way, that you enjoy and that gives you the mental focus, accountability and results. Not all workouts are the same, neither do they give you the same effect. Focus on building your metabolism, not just burning calories.


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2. Not Eating Enough

Most nutrition education you read about, diet plan downloads and celebrity diet plans are not tailored to your needs and preference. Most just look at reducing calories, leaving you feeling just, blaaa. You may think you’re in a deficit, but everything else slows down too because you’re not ‘fueling your system’ to perform better. YOU can learn exactly how to eat for results in our Women’s Fitness Program.

With all the ‘misinformation’ out there on nutrition, the biggest point you need to realize is, don’t be afraid to eat! It’s not only what you eat, it’s how much, when and how that relates to you, your genetics, how it makes you feel, your training methods and… what you want to achieve.  It’s like a fire.

a) You put kindling (small twigs) and the fire will burn out fast.

Problem – Not eating enough.

b) If you add big logs before the fire is truly burning, the flames will go out.

Problem – Eating too much either portion size or type of food / wrong macros).

c) If you add the right fuel but it’s wet or damp, it won’t catch fire.

Problem – Liquid meals / shakes / smoothies.

You need to find the optimal type of fuel, at the right time for the results you want. Dial into your personalized nutrition plan with one of our Nutrition coaches. Learn what works for you, apply and have the right strategies for life, not just for a month 

Instead Do This:

Start tracking your nutrition along with the TYPE of training you are doing and monitor the results. Rather than counting calories, look at meal frequency, and your macros. The TYPE of foods you’re eating. Genetically, we are all different and will respond to a different Macro plan than the next person, your friends or any general plan you download from the internet.

The ONLY way is to focus on YOUR specific strategy, tweak, refine, track and then you will find your ‘sweet spot for nutrition. Then optimize and amplify your results.

3. Not Creating a Metabolic Effect.

Too much cardio, or just random HIIT based volume is probably not going to give you the results you want. You’re just burning calories which usually does not achieve the metabolic effect you need to change your physique.

Is it better than nothing? Sure. However, When you ‘think’ you’re doing HIIT, you’re probably not. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is and needs to be exactly that. High Intensity. That means training at a heart zone or RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) of 8/10.

It’s just not possible to train at High Intensity of that level for 45-60 minutes. You miss out on that metabolic effect because overall you’re just working volume over time. Day in, day out. Your body doesn’t adapt or think it’s doing anything that it needs to work hard for or to improve on.

I get it though, you work out with your friends and it’s fun. And that’s fine.

However, the question is – Are you really getting the results you want?

Instead Do This:

You can still get a class in a couple of days per week for fun, and get that volume-based training done. Try to add 2-3 structured and specific strength training sessions per week on alternative days. Even better, prioritize your Strength training 3 days per week, then add your additional classes, HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, cycling, bootcamp etc around your STRENGTH days.

Alternatively, find classes that FOCUS on strength. Like Aspire’s HIRT (Not HIIT).

HIRT – Stands for High Intensity RESISTANCE Training. Sometimes known as HIST (High Intensity Strength Training) . The main point is that intensity doesn’t mean you have to be doing high volume and high reps, which most classes are. Instead we build Intensity through strength and resistance training. Higher loads, slower rep spread and more fatigue and more effective metabolic adaptation for better results. Which creates the metabolic response you need to get strong and lean.

That’s why we created a specific Women’s Strength Training Program. Design by women, for Women. More than just ‘working out’, you learn exactly how to train, how to lift and how to eat strategically to get lean and strong. Remember, the key factor for transforming your physique is all about hormones. You need to optimize fat burning hormones and reduce the hormones like cortisol and insulin – which makes you store fat.

So if you want to elevate your results and learn how to optimize your hormones through strategic training and nutrition, then this program will be a game changer for you.


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