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Appliance Repair | How to Recycle Small Appliances Responsibly

Feb 23


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Microwaves, toaster ovens, and similar conveniences become quite inconvenient when they’re sitting broken on your countertop. But don’t throw them out!  

Here are some ways you can recycle small appliances responsibly:  

  • See if a local appliance retailer will recycle your old appliance for you when you purchase a new one.  

  • Search for appliance recycling pick-up services, which may be offered by nearby energy providers or a specialty waste management service.  

  • Connect with a scrapper, or “hauler,” who will responsibly disassemble and recycle as much of the appliance as possible.  

  • If your small appliance contains a refrigerant chemical, look for a RAD partner who will pick it up for you.   

So, that explains where to recycle small appliances if you’re sure they can’t be repaired. However, if your small appliances are still in decent condition and you simply don’t want them anymore, you can donate them.  


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Can I Throw Away Small Appliances in the Recycling Bin?  

No, your normal curbside recycling service almost certainly doesn’t handle appliance or electronics recycling. Even if they tried to, their trucks might damage small appliances and cause them to release harmful substances. 

Speaking of those harmful substances …  

Why Should I Recycle Small Appliances? 

Throwing small appliances in the trash (and, ultimately, the landfill) has detrimental effects on the environment, as the materials can release mercury, greenhouse gases, ozone-depleting substances, and other hazards.  

Beyond those compelling environmental reasons, you may be able to get some money in return for your broken small appliances, especially if they have components made of steel, gold, copper, or other valuable materials.  


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